GFNY New York

Heading to the GFNY World Championship 2024 in New York? Ensure your bike is race-ready with BMR's comprehensive bike assembly and installation services. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time participant, trust our expert team to get your ride primed for performance.



pre-race assembly

1. Drop Off Your Bike at New York Expo:
Bring your bike to our specialized booth at the expo.

2. Expert Assembly and Inspection: 

Our skilled technicians will meticulously assemble, inspect, and perform a safety check on your bike.

3. Pick Up Your Bike:
Collect your fully assembled and race-ready bike from our booth. We also offer post-race drop-off for your convenience.

Don't let bike assembly stress derail your GFNY experience. Trust BMR to handle the details so you can focus on the race. 


Book your bike assembly slot now with a $30.00 deposit and ride with confidence at GFNY World Championship 2024! 



inspection and safety check

Our expert team at BMR will inspect, and perform a safety check on your bike to ensure it's race-ready.

Available on-site during the race days.


Book your inspection and safety check slot now with a $30.00 deposit




post-race service

- After the race, drop off your bike at our booth.
- We will disassemble and prepare your bike for safe travel back to your destination.


Book your post-race service slot now with a $30.00 deposit