your mobile bike  repair

we are a family-run independent company based in Sebring, Fl. Founded in 2022 with a profound passion for cycling, its inception began when we became aware of a need for mobile bike service shop in our area. We employ professional standards to provide much-needed convenience to customers. 

We believe that riding a bicycle is more than just a sport, it's a culture. Our primary aim as a mobile bike maintenance and repair shop is to provide convenient, professional, and premium service that gives you more time to do what you love...JUST RIDE! 

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more than bicycles

When we embarked on this exciting journey of building this company, we wanted our community to have the opportunity to repair and service their bikes from the comfort of their home or work.

This company was founded with the mentality of helping each person who does not have the availability to take their bicycle for maintenance.

We know that the greatest value of life is health, and we understand that doing any type of exercise is healthy and that is why we urge everyone who enjoys riding a bicycle.


our vision and mission

BMR wants to create a community where riding a bicycle is always safe and convenient. Your time is valuable, and that is why BMR was created. We want to help you get back on the road - to do what you love the most. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities.

The idea of BMR is to inspire healthy lifestyles through high-quality and affordable bicycle maintenance, repairs, and products. We strive to meet every person where they are and equip them with the necessary tools to meet and exceed their goals. 


what we value

Honesty - In what we say and what we do we strive to be candid and sincere. Always do the right thing. 

Gratitude - We focus on the good in our lives and acknowledge that life, while not perfect, is good.

Humility - we never assume that we know everything. We ask questions and listen to others. 

Passion - we are excited about bikes, our work, and sharing what we do and love with others.

We believe we can improve people’s lives through bicycles.

We will get more people in our community on a bicycle, riding safely and experiencing the joy riding a bike brings. 

Our mission is to build relationships, empower others, and strengthen the community through the bicycle. We strive to meet every person where they are at and equip them with the necessary tools to exceed their goals. 


our vision and mission

  • We commit to our employees, customers, and community, always first and foremost.
  • We are one team.
  • We recognize bicycling to increase community and quality of life.
  • We create exceptional and high-quality products that we are ourselves use.
  • We treat everyone with respect.
  • We lead with integrity.
  • We accept all ages, races, and abilities.
  • We take pride in our athletes and customers.
  • We strive for environmental consciousness.
  • We uphold the power of cyclists to transform the individual and the community.
  • We embrace the diversity of people through cycling as well as encourage partnership among the different local cycling populations